Dinner With a Prof

495145364Dinner with a Prof provides BUGS members with an exclusive opportunity to meet and talk with professors one-on-one in a casual, relaxed environment. Get to know more about their research and build your network while enjoying dinner at The Wave with other students. It’s a great way to meet professors who you don’t have class with, or just talk with your professors in a less intimidating setting. Many students have acquired lab positions and even thesis professors through Dinner with a Prof.

Most Dinner with a Prof sessions are scheduled for 6pm to around 8pm at the Wave; exceptions will be noted. If you’re interested in attending a dinner or have any questions, please send us an e-mail at westernbugs@gmail.com with “Dinner with a Prof Signup (date of dinner)” in the subject line. See you there!

2016-2017 Schedule

To sign up please email westernbugs@gmail.com and include the prof name in your email.

Semester 1:
Wednesday, September 14 @ 6PM – Dr. Chris Brandl (Biochemistry)
Wednesday, September 21 @ 6PM – Beth MacDougall-Shackleton (Biology)
Thursday, September 29 @ 6PM – Susanne Kohalmi (Biology)
Tuesday, October 4 @ 6PM – John McCormick (Microbiology and Immunology)
Thursday, November 10 @ 6PM – Susanne Schmid (Biology)
Tuesday, November 22 @ 6PM – Xuifen Zheng (Pathology)
Tuesday, November 29 @ 6PM – David Smith (Biology)

Semester 2:
Thursday, January 12 @ 6PM – Jimmy Dikeakos (Microbiology and Immunology)
Wednesday, January 18 @ 6PM – Stephen Lomber (Physiology and Pharmacology)
Wednesday, February 1 @ 6PM – Murray Junop (Biochemistry)
Tuesday, March 14 @ 6PM – Sarah McLean (Physiology and Pharmacology)
Wednesday, March 22 @ 6PM – Nusha Keyghobadi (Biology)