The Biology Collaboratory

What is “The Biology Collaboratory”?
“The Biology Collaboratory” is a project that aims to create a collaborative learning environment for students and their professors. Through the project, professors will be able to learn what helps students learn through anonymous online “collaboration” forms that will be gathered. These forms will then be read over by student representatives, who will eventually discuss with your professor on ways in which to improve how the course is taught as well as additional resources that would be helpful in learning. These forms will directly benefit students in the course as changes will be made while students are taking the course. In turn, the project hopes to build student-professor relationships by providing a safe environment for students and professors to discuss their opinions, while helping professors understand ways in which students learn best.

Meet the Team
Collaborators are in-class representatives (for BIO1001A and BIO1002B) that will be reading over collaboration forms and relaying information that has been gathered from these forms to the professor.

BUGS Reps are responsible for running the “The Biology Collaboratory” program in courses.

Collaboration Form
What is the collaboration form? This is the mode in which you will communicate your opinions to your professors. The forms are anonymous to create a safe space for students to express their opinions. Please be thoughtful and constructive with your responses as they will be used in making changes to how concepts are taught and what resources are being offered in your course. The form can be accessed at